TA-SPOT-Imprint® – Gallant Technologies



Imprint training is key to your canine’s ability to detect the item of interest. Gallant’s SPOT Imprint® training aid is recommended over freshly produced explosives due to their clean, pure explosive odor. Secondary products are often present in poor production techniques (bottle shake methods), causing confusing signals to your canine team.

Our Imprint® training aids provide the highest quality for use in canine odor recognition training. These training aids use the only method approved by DHS for canine odor detection of homemade explosives (HME). Use of the TA- SPOT Imprint® will ensure your team is focused on the odors that matter, minimizing false alerts common with material manufactured using sloppy production processes. and uncontrolled ingredients.


Have a sensor system that needs a periodic evaluation, or a team that needs response training? TA-Spot Imprint® provides a chemically specific marker capable of detection by Mass Spectrometers, Ion Mobility Spectrometers, and a variety of other wet chemistry methods. With the cleanest markers, the TA-Spot Imprint® provides red teaming efforts or sensor validation testing using safe, repeatable concentrations.  Contact us with specific questions on your sensor's physics and we will work with you to assess the benefits of real material testing.