HM-SPOT: A non-Detonable HMTD training aid made with high-quality HMTD – Gallant Technologies


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HEXAMETHYLETE TRIPEROXIDE DIAMINE (HTMD) is our HM-SPOT product. This Imprint version is the purest form we make. 

The Non-Detonable material can be shipped without any restriction.

Rendered odor free with disposal in normal solid waste stream in accordance with local practices. Download the HM-SPOT safety data sheet here.

Gallant has received DOT testing allowing us to ship the HM-SPOT unrestricted.

Purchases are processed in the order in which they are received.


  • Room temperature storage
  • 6-month shelf life**
  • 3-8 hour working time (environmental specific)
  • Circular Metal tin for operational use

Use this in lieu of bomb squad-produced material to ensure your canine is trained on the highest quality material.  With extremely low levels of precursors and byproducts, HM-SPOT-Imprint® tains your team to detect the purest version of HMTD you will ever see in the field.

Be ready for threats and training targets with confidence.

**Gallant Tech ensures 6-month stability from delivery date when stored at temperatures below 78F

Developed by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory under Department of Homeland Security Funding to enable safe canine scent training in operational environments.