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Three Cheers for Patron

Jack Russell Terrier

I know you are thinking we forgot the accent, but nope. Patron is a Ukrainian war hero Jack Russel Terrier. In this case, the only accent may be that of our honorees bark! Patron is the recipient of a medal awarded by Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a ceremony attended by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Kyiv, Ukraine May 8, 2022.

Patron is a bit over two years old and to date has sniffed out more than 200 explosive devices since the invasion in Ukraine began. Patron is a member of the State Emergency Service rescuers in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Jack Russell Terriers’ keen sense of smell, small size, and superior intelligence make Patron ideal for the work and achievements in clearing the lands.

Patron not only uses his powerful nose to sniff out explosive devices; he teaches children vital safety guidelines in regions where there is threat of landmines. Patron likewise should be credited for his love of cheese, lap warming, nipping at sleeves, doggy naps, and largely being a “good boy.” Patron's owner Myhailo Iliev is a major in Ukraine’s Civil Protection Service. Iliev walked Patron (who was wearing his signature military vest), up to President Zelenskyy to receive both of their “Order for Courage” medals during the ceremony.

Patron further proves the importance detection canines have in our world. Ordinance sniffing and safety education are not just mere examples of the power of detection dogs, but evidence that canines serve in a life-saving capacity in countless global conflicts. This includes providing motivation in the hardest of times and comfort to all they protect. As a reminder- our furry companions deserve pats on a head, treats, and all the belly rubs we can give them. Patron is not only a Ukrainian national treasure but has become a mascot for the heroics of canine detection. In the weeks to come, we know Patron will continue to be a good boy and hope he is further honored by the immeasurable art works in his likeness.

As we continue to face the many challenges around the world, it in is the spirit of this tiny terrier pooch that we offer thoughts for courage and prayers for peace.

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