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TATP found in Manatee County, FL

TATP Molecular Structure

(To learn more about TATP and it's role in attacks around the world, take a look at our infographic about Terrorism and Homemade Explosives from September 2017.)

TATP in Manatee County

This week we have a story about a substance of particular interest to Gallant: TATP. Also known as triacetone triperoxide, TATP is a highly explosive substance made from commonly available household chemicals. Since obtaining the requisite chemicals is so easy, concern regarding the use of TATP is growing worldwide. A notable instance of TATP being used to devastating effect occurred on July 5th, 2005, with the bombings in London. On this day, several TATP explosives were detonated in various train lines throughout London. The attacks resulted in the deaths of 56 people, including the four men who carried out the act.

In more recent, and thankfully less tragic news, a man named James Hoskins from Manatee County, Florida, was arrested last week possessing “2-to-3 pounds of TATP”. After police interviewed Mr. Hoskins, he admitted to purchasing the materials online and creating the explosives himself. Although Mr. Hoskins went on to claim that he did not mean to cause anyone harm, the most significant danger of TATP is its inherent instability. There is a serious risk of the substance detonating accidentally, and Manatee County law enforcement was able to safely detonate the material later that week.

Both the recent arrest of Mr. Hoskins in Florida and the tragedy that occurred in London in 2005 underline the importance of providing law enforcement officials with the tools to detect improvised explosives like TATP. This need has been the driving motivator for Gallant since our inception and motivated us to develop our TA-SPOT® canine training aids. To learn more about our SPOT® product line, take a look at our products page here.