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News Highlights - Week of September 22nd

                          London Underground

Updates on the Parsons Green attack:

"London Tube bomb was packed with explosives and shrapnel designed to maim and kill, Met chief reveals."

At least 30 people were injured last week in the Parsons Green attack in London after a homemade device detonated at the Parsons Green Tube station.

In the ensuing investigations, it was discovered that the bomb had been meant to cause a far worse explosion; a faulty timer failed to ignite the main device, which was a bucket containing the explosive (TATP) and shrapnel. If the bomb had exploded to its full potential, it is likely that dozens of people would have been killed and hundreds more seriously injured. The prime minister has raised the terrorist threat level to critical, which means that another attack is believed to be imminent.

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick has also revealed that the Met and the security services had foiled six terror attacks in recent months, some of them minutes away from taking place. She also praised the "wonderful response" from the emergency services, adding that heavily armed officers were at the scene within minutes.

"In the long run, if we continue with this level of threat, which is what people are predicating... this is not sustainable for my police service"

- Commissioner Cressida Dick (quote from the Evening Standard)

Commissioner Dick has also expressed concern over possible government cutbacks to their resources in combination with the rise in violent crime in London and the influx of terror attacks.

Police are currently questioning 4 people, including a 17-year-old boy, in connection with the attack.

From the Evening Standard. Full story here:  


"Google launches UK 'anti-terror fund'"

Google has announced that it will give a total of $1.3 million to fund projects in a partnership with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a UK-based counter-extremist organization. 

A first round of applications will be open in November for grants ranging between £2,000 and £200,000. 

From BBC News. Full story here:

For more on the Institute for Strategic Dialogue:


"Amazon 'Reviewing' Its Website After It Suggested Bomb-Making Items"

Amazon has been coming under fire this week after a British television report said that the website's algorithms were automatically suggesting bomb-making ingredients that were "Frequently bought together." (see links below)

"Amazon Primed: Jihadi bomb kit like one used for Manchester Arena terror attack bought on Amazon for £95 - without proper security checks"

"Bomb ingredients reportedly in 'frequently bought together' list on Amazon"

Amazon said on Wednesday that it was reviewing its website and released a emphasizing that all of the products sold on its website "must adhere to our selling guidelines and we only sell products that comply with U.K. laws." The statement also said, 

"In light of recent events, we are reviewing our website to ensure that all these products are presented in an appropriate manner. We also continue to work closely with police and law enforcement agencies when circumstances arise where we can assist their investigations"