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News Highlights: Week of January 26th

"Cell Behind Barcelona Attack May Have Had Sights on Eiffel Tower"

A review of evidence from the deadly terrorist attack in Barcelona last summer seems to suggest that the cell of jihadists were planning to launch a large attack on the Eiffel Tower in France. The sheer amount of explosives that were found suggested that the cell was planning a large and catastrophic attack, and the jihadists had travelled to France not long before and recorded footage of the Eiffel Tower.

The bomb factory was found in Barcelona after a large explosion demolished the building, killing two of the ten-member cell and injuring a third. Investigators estimate that the terrorist cell had enough precursors to make 200-250 kilograms (440-550 pounds) of TATP, over 10 times the amount that killed 32 and injured more than 320 at the attack on the Brussels airport in March 2016.

From The New York Times. Full story here: 


"Bill would allow first aid for hurt K9, rescue dogs."

A bill being introduced in Maine would allow trained first responders (police, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians) to provide first-aid to canines that also respond to emergencies. The representative introducing the bill states that allowing these professionals to provide emergency veterinary care when it is otherwise not available can increase a dog's chance of survival.

From the San Francisco Chronicle. Full story here


"Midland K9 unit saved life, sniffed out weapon near school."

In one busy evening, K9 Tza'yid and his handler Officer John Dubois found a missing man who wandered out in the cold and then responded to a domestic dispute where the man discarded a loaded weapon at a nearby school. The K9 unit quickly found the loaded gun before it fell into the wrong hands.

"All the training and hard work you put in works. It pays off," Dubois said.

From WNEM News. Full story