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News Highlights - Week of September 15th

Terrorist Attack on a London Tube station

Witnesses describe "a fireball and smoke racing through the subway car" after a homemade bomb was detonated during rush hour on the London Underground. 22 people were injured in an attack that the police are calling a terrorist incident. Preliminary evidence points to a degree of bomb-making knowledge used to create the device, which had a timer and was clearly intended to cause much greater damage. Investigators have said that it is "highly likely" that the device contained TATP, but this has not been confirmed. Currently, a manhunt is underway to find the responsible parties for this attack.

"Manhunt after a 'terror incident' at London Tube station"

"'I heard a scream and then there was smoke': Explosion hits London subway, injuring at least 22"


"2 suspects in France face terror charges over explosives lab"

Prosecutors issues preliminary terror charges against two men linked to an explosives lab discovered in an apartment near Paris. The explosive materials, including 200 grams of TATP and enough materials to manufacture up to 4 kilograms more, were would accidentally in a suburb of Paris after workmen had been called to fix a nearby water leak. According to the counter=terrorism prosecutor, Francis Molins, the suspects admitted that they has wished to join IS, but had not made it to Syria. 

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"Hurricane First Responder and K9 Photo Goes Viral"


                                       Fort Lauderdale PD K9 and Handler after Irma

A picture of a Fort Lauderdale PD officer and his K9 taking a well-deserved rest after responding to Hurricane Irma in Florida has gone viral.  Many thanks go out to this officer and all of the first responders who saved lives during this emergency.

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Image from Fort Lauderdale PD twitter: