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New Highlights: December 8th

  Christmas decorations in Lodon



"The Islamic State threat to Europe's Christmas season"

"In late November, information surfaced concerning a new propaganda message released by the Islamic State in which the Sunni extremist organisation called upon its supporters and sympathisers to conduct attacks in Europe during the Christmas season."

As it continues to face military setbacks, the Islamic State is increasing its use of the internet and media threats to encourage its supporters, exaggerate its own image, and generate feelings of uncertainty in the societies that it targets. As local security and intelligence forces have become increasingly adept at disrupting more complex plots before they occur, lone-assailant and crude attacks using opportunistic weapons, such as car ramming, stabbing, shooting, and home-made explosives, will continue to be the likeliest threats facing Europe. With the opportunities presented by the Christmas season and the large crowds that are going to gather in public spaces for shopping and celebrations, local authorities will need to be increasingly vigilant to keep their communities safe.

From "Global Risks Insights." Full article:


"La Vista police continue successful 'K9 for a Day' program"

La Vista police have partnered with the Nebraska Humane Society to start a "K9 for a Day" program that allows dogs that are up for adoption to become police K-9 dogs for one day. Officer Jamie Brown, who partnered for a day with a seven-month-old Papillon mix, described the benefits to both parties:

"It helps the Human Society. It gets some dogs visibility so they can be adopted, but it's also a way for people to feel comfortable approaching a police officer."

The department plans on continuing this successful program once a month moving forward.

From KETV news. Full article here:

If you would like to see some of the adoptable dogs at the Nebraska Humane society, please look at their website: