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University of Auburn's Vapor Wake detection dogs

Many of us are facing circumstances and worries that we have never before experienced as we deal with the Covid-19 crisis. We hope that everyone can take proper precautions to keep themselves and others safe, and our thoughts are with those suffering from the virus or who have family and friends who are suffering. Stay healthy, and we hope that we can bring a little bit of positive atmosphere with our discussion of canine detection training today.

This week, we would like to discuss the University of Auburn’s “Vapor Wake Dogs.” Likened to “the Navy SEALs or other special operations forces in the military,” these are certainly special when it comes to canine detection units. According to Paul Waggoner, co-director of the University of Auburn’s Canine Performance Sciences Program, less than 10% of typical detection dogs are cut out to be Vapor Wake Dogs. Considering the impressive stories covered in past blog posts involving detection canines, these dogs are truly remarkable.

It comes as no surprise to anyone with an excitable four-legged member of the family that busy, crowded environments are particularly challenging for canines. This type of setting, however, is precisely where Vapor Wake Dogs do their work. Mr. Waggoner specifically mentions these teams working in places like concerts or mass transit locations, so distracting smells and sounds are indeed a relevant challenge! Nevertheless, these exceptional dogs are currently providing a valuable service to the New York Police Department’s counterterrorism division.

We hope to see you next week, where we will have another post detailing the exciting world of canine detection!