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Man's Best Friend and Nation's Protector

It’s been one dog-on long week…

Protecting our nation’s borders, transportation centers, major public events, and a host of other arenas is a complex challenge met right on the nose by our canine companions (pun intended). Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine was awarded a $24 million contract (over 5 years) by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) to support canine detection research and development. While detection canines are a standard law enforcement custom, the study of detection dogs’ odor recognition abilities will further prove to be a valuable means for preventing and responding to security threats.

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine will delve into methods that enhance detection effectiveness and increase the availability of detection dogs, to include the study of domestic detections canines. The award supports the newly formed Detection Canine Sciences, Innovation, Technology and Education (DCSITE), a transdisciplinary program. The award will serve as the leading academic resource in all areas of detection canine sciences and is the largest single award to Auburn University. DHS’ core missions and priorities for evolving threats response highlight the need for the DCSITE program, which is aimed at continual development and best practices for domestic production of detection canines. The DCSITE program is curated to discover methods and techniques that will increase the accessibility of quality detection canines and add to the total wellbeing and longevity of domestic detection dogs.

Auburn’s  recognized world-class and highly regarded detection canine sciences research, will nurture specialized innovation, refine sensitivity to emergent dangers, while designing a formal instructive curricula and help shape expertise through a strengthened axis for the discipline of canine detection.

We wish everyone continued health and well-being as we continue to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.