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Five new canine and officer teams join the MTA PD

Event News:

Gallant Technologies is excited to announce that we will be attending the 6th Annual International Police K-9 Conference! We will be joining over 60 industry vendors to present a variety of K-9 training topics. Several of our folks will head out to Las Vegas the week of the event, and we would love to meet you there.


News Highlight:

This week, we would like to shift our focus back to our canine friends and their essential work with the Department of Homeland Security! Last Friday, on February 7th, five canine and police officer teams graduated from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department’s (MTA PD) explosives detection and anti-terrorism training. While all of the canine teams and programs discussed over the past few weeks involve rigorous training, these five teams might be the cream of the crop! Roughly 1 in 30 prospective pups pass the initial testing process, making those selected a standout group in the already remarkable world of detection canines!

Whereas our last discussion of tail-wagging teams focused on Labrador Retrievers, the Department of Homeland Security employs what many might consider the poster-breed of law enforcement canines: German Shepherds or German Shepherd/Belgian Shepherd mixes. Those working under the MTA PD are part of “one of the largest canine explosives detection forces in the country, with approximately 50 dogs in service.” Training begins when the canines are roughly one year old, and the dedicated dogs can serve for as long as nine years!

While the training and skill associated with the canines working with the MTA PD are extraordinary, we think it is important not to disregard the positive emotional benefits that come from our four-legged best friends. When discussing the relationship between the officers and their companions, the MTA PD article notes, “Each canine forms a deep, emotional bond with his or her police partner. They not only work together for life, the canine lives with the officer, becoming part of the family.” These truly are remarkable animals, bringing life-saving law enforcement capability and improving the lives of those with whom they interact.

We hope you will join us next Wednesday, where we will provide additional information regarding the upcoming Las Vegas K-9 conference!